Retiro de danza Zouk e Yoga a Famara, 10-17 de Julio, 2018

Dance meets Yoga in the gorgeous landscape of Famara (Lanzarote):
Sandra will prepare your body to be ready to dance with Willem Engel.

Willem ( is an experienced teacher. Due to his prior work as a researcher he has been able to really analyse and break it down. His method focuses on 5 pillars, body awareness/control, creativity, musicality, connection and movements patterns. One could add a sixth “dynamics” which is present in all of the above and is the cement between them.
By understanding of the body and of human behavior being in his lessons is a voyage of self discovery in which you can experience struggle as well as joy and bliss. Dance is soo much more than just movement it is an expression of your self on a level were words are not sufficient.
Price start from 690 € per week, per person


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