The lessons of yoga are the result of the acquaintances learned in India, above all during the retreat in the Ashram.

It is of primary importance to inquire itself on the level of the students for being able to create a lesson that gives them a deep benefit assessing if some of them suffer of ailments to the dorsal thorn, pains to the cervical or to the knees.

The lessons have a duration between 1 h and a half and 2 hours, can be individual or of group, with a maximum of 20 persons to be able to follow with attention the correct posture of everyone and to assist every student correcting the eventual mistakes and inaccuracies.

Generally the lesson is based on:

  • a technique of relaxation through the song of some Indian and Tibetan mantra (sillabe or previous witnesses who induce the mind to get rid from the constant flow of thoughts and carry the person to a state of deep concentration);
  • some cycles of kapalabhati (“cleansing of the skull” in sanskrit), a respiration that purifies the respiratory apparatus, the blood system and the cells in general terms;
  • the sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) that, according to the level of the class, follows the technique Hatha or Asthanga and can contain different variations devised from the teacher;
  • Several posture (asanas) standing, seated, torsions, forward and back bending and inverted positions;

Yoga Lessons Program:

The sessions of Yoga are held in the Yoga and Massage center in Calle Chirimoya, 13 (Famara bungalow) every day at 18.30 and morning session at 8.45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.